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SHARIAH: THE ISLAMIC LAW by Professor Abdur Rahman I. Doi


          0.0 Front Matter

                            0.1 General Information

                            0.2 About the author

                            0.3 Preface

          1.0 The Fountain Head of Shariah

                            1.1 What is Shariah ?

                            1.2 Holy Quran: The first Primary Source Of Shariah

                            1.3 The Sunnah: Second Primary Source of Shariah

                            1.4 The Secondary Source of Shariah

                            1.5 The Four Schools Of Fiqh And Their Leaders

          2.0 Family Relations

                            2.1 Al-Zawaj-The Marriage

                            2.2 Marriage Relationships in Islam

                            2.3 Taaddud al-Zawjat: Polygamy

                            2.4 Unlawful Forms of Marriage

                            2.5 Mahr: Dower

                            2.6 Talaq: Divorce in Shariah

                            2.7 Khul: Divorce at the Instance of the Wife

                            2.8 Iddah: Period of Waiting

                            2.9 Nafaqh: Maintenance

          3.0 Crime And Punishment

                            3.1 Criminal Law And Punishments Under Shariah

                            3.2 Crimes and Punishments

          4.0 Inheritance And Disposal Of Property

                            4.1 Mirath: Law of Succession

                            4.2 Shares of Each Heir

                            4.3 Disposal of Property

          5.0 The Economic System

                            5.1 Tijarah: Trade and Commerce

                            5.2 Distribution of Wealth

                            5.3 The Concept of Lawful and Unlawful

          6.0 External And Other Relations

                            6.1 Al-Siyar: International Law

                            6.2 Non-Muslims and the Shariah

                            6.3 Jihad

                            6.4 Shariah in the Fifteenth Century of Hijrah: Problems and prospects


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